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Korea Facts
The Essence of Our Translation Process:


    1. Pre-translation editing
    2. Glossary compilation
    3. Translation
    4. Editing & Proofreading
    5. Reviewing & Revising
    6. Final compilation
    7. Delivery

Grapevine Translations is committed to producing the highest quality work according to your time and budget.

Our highly trained and carefully selected team of translators insists on nothing short of perfection before compiling a project for its final draft.

Before beginning a project, the text is carefully assessed. The subject is carefully gauged and a team of professionals consisting of a project manager, translators, editors, proofreaders, and reviewers is selected.

Translation is not just a highly developed skill. What separates those of us here at Grapevine Translations from the bulk of translation providers is the fact that Korean and Western (English speaking) societies are accounted for in the translation process. Therefore, to supplement the standard translation team, we also require several sociologists to be involved in final revisions and proofing.

Upon completion of the first draft, our proofreaders review the text for contents, organization, grammar, style, and fluency. Corrections are then introduced and the translation is then re-checked once again to ensure that the changes have been properly implemented.

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